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    /* Unobtrusive Flash Objects (UFO) v3.22Copyright 2005-2007 Michael Devon JonesThis software is licensed under the CC-GNU LGPL CONTAINS MINOR CHANGE FOR MOODLE (bottom code for MDL-9825)*/ var UFO = {req: [“movie”, “width”, “height”, “majorversion”, “build”],opt: [“play”, “loop”, “menu”, “quality”, “scale”, “salign”, “wmode”, “bgcolor”, “base”, “flashvars”, “devicefont”, “allowscriptaccess”, “seamlesstabbing”, “allowfullscreen”, “allownetworking”],optAtt: [“id”, “name”, “align”],optExc: [“swliveconnect”],ximovie: “ufo.swf”,xiwidth: […]

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  • Plagiarism When Using The Internet

    Plagiarism When Using The Internet

    META TAG (title): UntitledWhat is Plagiarism?Plagiarism involves the taking of someone else’s words or ideas and trying to attribute them as your own. When most students think of plagiarism, they may think of outright copying another’s works (Figure 2.5 ). However, plagiarism can delve into some murky territory that includes everything from wrongful appropriation to […]

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  • Copy and Paste Society

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  • Public Service Announcement Pt. 3 (MABOMA)

    President Obama’s speech in Oklahoma transformed concepts, such as, “perhaps,” and “maybe” therefore, naturally producing innuendo. The product of this was the wave, one of compassionate conclusive undertones, representing figures, and a fundamental attribution error.  The speech aired between when families were cooking out and watching silently celebrating Memorial Day amid his presidency. This could […]


    The first truth I will discuss is this automatic, navigation of traffic solely believed as no negative line-upon venture online.  The craft of this mouse pal finds unique cause due to it being done on a wall.  Da Mega Video naturally tried on a wall and failed.  It is just mega video was trying to […]