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  • MDL-9825

    /* Unobtrusive Flash Objects (UFO) v3.22Copyright 2005-2007 Michael Devon JonesThis software is licensed under the CC-GNU LGPL CONTAINS MINOR CHANGE FOR MOODLE (bottom code for MDL-9825)*/ var UFO = {req: [“movie”, “width”, “height”, “majorversion”, “build”],opt: [“play”, “loop”, “menu”, “quality”, “scale”, “salign”, “wmode”, “bgcolor”, “base”, “flashvars”, “devicefont”, “allowscriptaccess”, “seamlesstabbing”, “allowfullscreen”, “allownetworking”],optAtt: [“id”, “name”, “align”],optExc: [“swliveconnect”],ximovie: “ufo.swf”,xiwidth: […]

  • Sunday Operating System

  • Copy and Paste Society

    Created By:Plainware

  • Smug Art Pt. 1

    With an ever-changing world, we’d of aligned, must align our self’s daily with goals to better manage the change around us. Even though we are changing ourselves, we have all inherited the responsibility. Will we ever see the end? Well, if we reach these goals we will continue to make a difference and all be […]

  • Greatness

    Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci were masters of their craft.  Both of these artists had very different works and seemingly both shared inspiration.  Still, we owe these two artists for what they have left us; the detail created in Michelangelo’s work was and is overwhelming and Leonardo’s use of ideal beauty opened my mind about […]

  • Agreeable Superstition 

    Michael Ray Charles was born in Lafayette, Louisiana in 1967. Is his work contemporary art used his amid knowledge studied at universities such as McNeese State University and the University of Houston. Throughout his studies Michael Ray Charles has studied advertising design and illustration; he eventually moved to painting. Charles chooses to use bright colors […]

  • Beauties of Art

    Art has a long line of historical finds.  Some of the oldest forms of art date back to cave paintings.  In the beginning this was art and still is considered to this day.  If we continue on down the time line and look at a period where art was in the cultures of ancient societies […]