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    👍 Truth https://at.tumblr.com/crazy-brazilian/702550737274699776/8h99h978yohv

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    <html><head><title>Terminal</title>http://extension.jshttp://ws.js</head> <script Language=”Javascript”> //Global vars.var debug = falsevar maxLines = 100var editLine = “”var lastKey = “”var waiting = falsevar ws = null;var log = new Array()log.push(“”) //Initialise the extension.ext.Init() //Called when extension is ready.function ext_OnReady(){    //Create websocket to receive terminal data.    var ip = ext.GetServerIp();    ws = CreateWebSocket( “ws”, ip, debug?8087:8889, “NoReconnect,KeepAlive” )    ws.SetOnMessage( […]

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    Marriage Logic Wife – Relationship Close – Close Rel. Time _________________ Health Sit

  • Newsroom Operating System

    If the update manager is not running in the upper right-portion of the screen, yet you have updates, it could be you have some file corruption issues that can easily be fixed. While logged into a Gnome session (regular graphical session), press Alt-F2, and type this: Then in the terminal, type: Close the terminal once […]

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    function MD5(string) { }

  • Personality – Parody

    Everywhere has a trait, stop The Big Five Neo-PI-R an these are just cardinal traits. Central to projective personality test, psycho-dynamic theory, conscious mind, per conscious mind, and unconsciousness mind. And this is just the structure of personality or house in born id’s able by pleasure principle, superego and idealistic principle, ego because response and […]

  • Working Backwards

    Often people adopt mental sets, which are tendencies to rely on particular problem-solving strategies that were successful in the past. For example, military commanders lose battles because they rely on “tried and true” attempting to solve problems. Well, don’t work backwards because, choosing from it among a set of alternatives it is; some kind of […]

  • Five Watt Clock

    Five operating system, an its understanding an intuition for us to please close the window. The language in non-human species stands exposed to the same experiences, and careful attention was paid to rewarding the appropriate vocal members who say yes! Five Watt Clock, represents a class of objects and set of features, acceptable members also, […]

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