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  • Patent Update W/Out Outputfiles

    I created a web tab it acts like an Phone Operating System. The first part of a URI is called the “scheme”. The most well known scheme is http, but there are many others. Each URI scheme has its own format for how a URI should appear. Here are examples of URIs using the http, […]

  • Concerns And Intentions Pt. 2

    Living life and being in love are totally different. You love someone for how they love you; an you live life for you existing. The concern is the intention and grounds from which lifestyle you choose. The biggest concern is the manner in the same amount as before.

  • Concerns And Intentions Pt. 1

    Is it hip to be square? Should we really decide what we need is materials. We’ll, you ask me when we decide to change our schooling to teaching we don’t just stand there. This is a concern or intentions that may be somewhat helpful. Most people who change when they need to get named or […]

  • Evolution Of Beak

    How difficult it is to be simple. (Obama) The beak of a bird has been said to of developed from the dinosaur skull. The bones premaxilla,maxilla, dentary were all located in the head region of dinosaurs. Although, this development can be connected to evolution generally this has been accepted. The selective pressure has led to […]

  • Animation Part One, Bench an Park.

    Animation Part One, Bench an Park.

  • Tech Mortal

    Tech Mortal

    As young generation is flexible using the mouse pointer and old generation feels uncomforted while using them, there is a need of introduction of human computer interface that may provide a smooth platform for them. Human Computer Interaction is the way where we can solve these issues. Human Computer Interaction is the relationship between human […]